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2019-11-22 20:59:25

Welcome to Mastercup 3 page!

Mastercup 3 is an Elasto Mania cup arranged by team TAP (The Apple Placers). At the moment we consist of 6 designers: zebra, Ramone, jonsta, umiz, FinMan and Zero. They all will have at least one level in the cup, so there will be much variety in levels. All the levels are top quality and should be ideal for a cup. There is no pipe events. You can find more info about our team on moposite and previous mastercups from my page and mastercup2 page. I hope this cup will be as great as those old cups were :)
Have fun with höyling :)


2011-07-13 17:55:43 by zebra
Mastercup 3 diplomas were sent to top 3. Congratulations, once again.


Mastercup 3 video

2011-07-08 21:44:55 by zebra
Thanks to Jappe2 for making the mastercup 3 video. Watch it in YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsQ-QiAuVr4

Top 10 progression

2011-07-05 23:36:56 by zebra
Thanks to Fredrik [KoN], we have top 10 progression after each event here: mc3updown.txt

Now you can see standings after x events if you put a toevent parameter to the standing page url. For example: http://mc3.sshoyer.net/?s=standings&toevent=5

Mastercup 3 is over

2011-07-04 22:33:08 by zebra
Mastercup 3 is over and the winner of it (and of the last level too) is adi [MiE]. Congratulations, once again!

I uploaded recs and levs in single package for those who just want to see great recs.

Thanks again to all who played! The cup was interesting and we got 8 different event winners, which is a great thing. And thanks to Kopaka for hosting this site.

Top 3 winners of mastercup 3 were:

1. adi [MiE] (FI)
2. Jalli [ICE] (NO)
3. NightMar [xXx] (RU)

I will send diplomas to top 3 winners if I get their street addresses. So if you are one of those three, please send me your street address to appleplacers@gmail.com! And others can send their interviews too! It's great to have top 3 from different teams. One superfast finnish höylä, one oldschool norwegian piper, and one russian original style finder. Congratulations, all of you :)

So, it's over now. Due to SL and my personal interest, there won't be another mastercup in near future. But have a nice summer all of you! See you in EOL.

Jappe2 promised to make a video of Mastercup 3. I can put link here when he gets the video ready.

adi [MiE] won Mastercup 3!

2011-06-27 21:37:50 by zebra
Now it's clear! adi [MiE] secured his victory in the 11th event even though he didn't send in. NightMar won the 11th event. There is now only one event left, and it's the TAP chain level. There are less and less participants in each event, but that also means easier points, so you should send in if you haven't yet participated in 10 events.

Saveload not allowed

2011-06-20 22:11:12 by zebra
It seems that the saveload patch was leaked and that many people already has it. Using saveload is forbidden in this cup!

It's lucky that there are only 2 events left in this cup. I mean that the positions are pretty much settled already and saveload wont have a big impact on the standings. I'm not sure if we can detect using of saveload. If we can, we will remove the cheated times afterwards. But if we can't, then it's about trust. Future cups will be anyhow ruined with saveloaded recs. Let's have this saveload-free cup, for the last time, ok? :)

Event 10 over, remember the 10/12 rule!

2011-06-20 22:03:23 by zebra
Event 10 is over and was won by J-sim [EMA], congratulations. Note that players J-sim, Adebis and dobla can't participate anymore in events 11 and 12, because they have already participated in 10 events. If they do, I will just remove their times from the database.

MC308 and MC309

2011-05-30 21:16:22 by zebra
We made an exception now and uploaded two levels at the same time. The reason is that jonsta's lev is huge and we want you to have two weeks to höyl it.

The system does not allow you to upload your time to MC309 yet, because it only supports one simultaneous event. But you can already play the level and upload the rec after MC308 has finished. Good luck in both levels!

Cup in half way

2011-05-23 22:24:45 by zebra
6 events played, 6 events left. adi [MiE] is in the lead. The latest event was won by Mielz [EF] with a nice style. Good luck in the next event :)

Event count

2011-05-17 07:32:34 by zebra
I added a new column on standings page telling how many events you have played. There you can easily check how many events you can still play. Remember that you can play maximum 10 events.

Lukazz won 5th event, adi in the lead

2011-05-16 22:03:55 by zebra
Lukazz [BAP] won the 5th level which seemed to be quite nice höylä lev. adi [MiE] is now leading in standings, but there are many players coming right behind. New lev up as usual. Good luck finding the best styles :)

Gravity event over

2011-05-02 22:24:50 by zebra
The 3rd event by Ramone was very interesting. Top three players had different styles, which is not so common these days :) Also Zero's level up.

And top3, remember to send in your interviews!

Second event over

2011-04-25 22:39:21 by zebra
Second event was won by Kuper with quite a big gap to 2nd player. Check his rec and also NightMar's rec who was best with the alternative style. It's quite tight between top players and teams now. Only in nationalities Russia seems to be quite overwhelming.

The 3rd event is going and it has gravity. Keep in mind that you can skip this event if you don't like gravity.

Problems fixed

2011-04-19 18:18:42 by zebra
Some players had problems uploading their recs to the site. I fixed the problems with Kopaka and everything should be ok now.

First event over

2011-04-18 22:37:41 by zebra
First event is now over and the winner is GRob [NGT]! Congratulations! The new level is already up and playing time is one week as usual. I didn't make a zip file of the replays because it's easy for you to download the replays you want. All the top replays are worth watching. Zweq (pos 11) is the first one with different route. Top three (GRob, Lukazz, Madness), remember to send in your interview :) (Lukazz already did).

As you can see, we got 47 participants in the first event, which is quite good. If you look at the Best Times table on EOL, you can see that even more players played the level on EOL. But remember to play offline if you don't want other people to see your times :)

First event has started

2011-04-11 21:03:00 by zebra
The first level is now up and you have one week to play it. The first level is jonsta's masterpiece and has multiple styles to explore. Check it in the events page!

If you have any questions and you have read the rules, you can ask it in mopolauta, in IRC (#mastercup3) or privately in e-mail: appleplacers@gmail.com.

Reviews ready

2011-04-10 19:54:52 by zebra
The reviews of each level are now on reviews page. The review of the last event is still missing because we decided to make a kind of chain level which isn't ready yet. But hopefully soon. Anyway, the cup is starting tomorrow!

While waiting for the cup to start, you can join #mastercup3 in IRCnet.

Site up

2011-03-29 20:14:08 by zebra
The site is now up with some content! We decided the starting date: it will be monday 11th of April 2011 at 21.00 EEST. In other words, the cup will start in less than a week! In the meanwhile, you can read the rules for example.

Like in mastercup2, in this cup you have to skip 2 events. Let's see what kind of tactics it brings up. To make the tactics easier we will reveal a short reviews of the levels. Like in mastercup2, there will also be interviews of the top 3 players in each event. See rules-page how to send an interview.

There will be 12 events each about one week, so the cup will last about 3 months.

The site is made with Kopaka's Cup Source. Big thanks to Kopaka. Ramone is still making the reviews of the levels. I hope we will get them here soon. Stay tuned :)